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October 20th 2009 8:48 am

Just Wondering

Just wondering what people think of these and if they have experience with QC3's. I have a pair of QC3's and recently discovered that any Bose store will let you trade in your old QC3's for the QC15's for $100. Mine are pretty banged up at this point. Just wondering if the upgrade would be worth it.

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Does that go for the QC2's as well?
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I traded my broken QC2's for a brand-new pair of QC15's for $100. It has been a few years though.
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I don't think that the noice canceling itself would be much different (same tech) except for the on-ear(QC3) vs over-ear(QC2/QC15), but for me the choice of the QC15 over the QC3 was the battery. I use mine a LOT a few hours a night at least), and always have a couple of AAA batteries handy.
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