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October 28th 2012 11:47 pm

Keep my iPad 2, or get an iPad mini?

I have an iPad 2 in fantastic condition, but the Apple geek inside of me wants something new. If i sell my 2 on eBay, it won't really cost me anything to make the jump. Is the jump worth it? Will I yearn for a bigger screen? What do you guys think?

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The iPad Mini will hold its value better than your aging iPad second generation. Whether or not you will miss the larger screen depends on your usage.

You also need to remember, there is a better chance of the iPad mini getting some cool new features in iOS7 and iOS8 where the iPad 2 is the next to fall off the software update bandwagon. Just food for thought.

Another factor is how invested you are in the 30 pin dock connector vs lightning. If you own a ton of accessories, it probably may not be the best move... that being said, lightning is here to stay so if you wanted to start transitioning, now is as good of a time as any
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You're probably right as far the iPad mini getting future software updates, but it's also interesting that you say the iPad 2 will be the next to fall off the update wagon. Both devices share the same A5 chip, and when older devices don't get newer updates, Apple usually blames it on the processor/graphics chip. That's why the iPhone 4 didn't get Siri. Whether this is actually true or if Apple is just trying to pull our leg is a completely different question, but it makes you wonder what Apple will do in the future.
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what i find interesting is that the Mini gets Siri and the 2nd Gen doesn't.

I think the Mini will get up to iOS 7 and most of iOS 8 depending on what they do in those versions of iOS. i think we will see NFC in iOS 7 or 8 so that one feature that wouldn't be supported.

i think the iPad 2 will not get a full update to iOS 7 and the low end 10" iPad will be the Retina one next year. Since the minis are now out i don't see apple keeping the 2nd Gen around as low end next year as that might cut into the sales of the mini.
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This is what I am thinking as well. The iPad 2 will get at maximum a crippled version of iOS7 or be stuck on at 6.
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Does depend on your usage. I have just sold my iPad 2 and pre-ordered an LTE 32GB mini.

You just have to ask yourself what you will do on an iPad 2 that you can't on a mini. If you watch a lot of video, do a lot of typing, or do a lot of work/productivity on your iPad, I'm sure the larger screen will be of more use to you. For me, I already have a Macbook Air which covers the productivity side of things, and the portability of the mini is far more appealing, and sets it into its own category rather than my iPad 2 which overlapped so much with my Macbook Air.

I was given a Nexus 7 as a gift and despite hating Android, I used it daily on my commute, and realised that the portability is something the iPad lacks, so it ends up staying at home on the sofa. The mini will hopefully be the sweet spot, providing the capabilities of a normal iPad with the portability of smaller tablets.

I can't wait for it to arrive!
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After reading some of the reviews out there i am starting to consider getting one myself. i have a Nexus 7 and find that i really like that form factor.

Just looking at the scores GDGT has from the critics i am surprised its hitting an 8.9. i really thought this device would end up being just OK because of lower specs and especially not having the retina screen.

i will definitely go and look at it this weekend and see it for myself but its starting to look more interesting than i had originally thought.

as to your questions about ditching the iPad 2 for this, my rule of thumb is that i should always be moving up when i get rid of a device for a new one. in this case you are for the most part moving sideways. Proc and Ram are the same. you get a better camera and more software features but thats it. the smaller form factor may be nice but if they release the Retina model next year are you going to want to upgrade then?

I would say wait and check them out in person then decide. if i was in your boat i probably would go for the mini but thats because i like the smaller form factor but I would also know that i am likely to upgrade again next year if they release a Retina model.
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I had the nexus 7 as well and sold on ebay in advance of the mini. I just wasn't trhilled with the apps on google play, they looked scaled up and weren't up to ios snuff overall. they gave me $15 when I bought the nexus 7, I only managed to spend like $8 of it. I would make the switch.
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