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November 21st 2012 12:24 pm

Kids want iPads this holiday season

According to a new Nielsen survey, the iPad is the most-wanted gift among kids aged 6-12, followed by the Wii U. Kids also want the iPod touch, iPhone, Kinect, and computers. What don't kids want? Non-smartphones, Surface tablets, and the Apple TV. Teens and adults also want iPads, though computers, smart TVs and non-iPad tablets are also high on their lists. What gear are you considering for the kids (and adults) on your gift list this holiday season?


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If the Surface commercial actually bothered to show you any of the games the device can run—heck, if it showed any apps at all—you can bet the Surface would be higher on the list. In general, during the holidays, kids want to play, and the gifts they request are going to reflect that, hence the high positions of the iPad, Wii U, iPod touch, etc. on the list.
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That makes sense to me. And it shows the power of Apple's branding and marketing. I also think the Wii U's prominence is due, in part, to the fact that this survey was taken right around the time the new console launched. I think the Nexus 7 would be a great gift for kids; it's substantially cheaper than the iPad (or iPad mini), its smaller screen is more child-friendly, and there are more than enough games available for it. (And, of course, you can justify it as an "educational" gift, since it also makes a good e-book reader.) "Tablet computer other than iPad" showed up prominently here, and based on this survey, at least 29% of kids recognize that such tablets exist, and would like to get their hands on one.
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