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April 16th 2014 2:57 pm

Lackluster Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Fit reviews...

I have to say, these lackluster reviews make me think that Samsung isn't...

...fit to make smart watches.

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My problem with the Gear 2 is that you don't need it. it doesn't provide me with much of anything that the phone doesn't already provide. Especially if you compare it to the GS5.

And here is the sad part. I won't give it up. I really like the watch (Gear 2 Neo). I like that i can leave the phone on the charger and still receive calls and text messages and notifications from Apps that i choose. When at work i love that it reminds me of meetings and things that i need to do.

As for being too small for a touch screen i would have to disagree with that. the touch screen on the Gear 2 Neo works great and i prefer the touch screen over the buttons on the Pebble.

I do agree on the Camera though. I can't figure out why you would need one on a watch at this point.

Without a doubt the battery life needs to get better on these devices. 2 to 3 days is pushing it. Especially with them placing it against a device like the Fitbit Force. Samsung added the sleep feature. the only things the Force offers over the Gear 2 is the counting of the floors climbed and the battery life.

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They're doing exactly what they did with phones, which I thought was dumb there, on to watches, which makes it even worse.


A smartwatch is too small for a touch screen and has little to no use for a camera. We're not James Bond, we don't need to have phone calls via our watches.

They throw in all this bloatware at the cost of precious battery life. The most thing I hate about the Pebble is it's 1 week battery life. And these guys are trying to market a 2-3 day battery?
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I don't agree at all that a smart watch is to small for a touchscreen.
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