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lame device. just a cheapen ipad. not an ereader. kindle 3 is a PROPER ereader.

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Hah. First question: Have you used it?

The 3rd-gen Kindle is pretty good, but it's lack of epub support kind of sucks (for me at least). Fortunately, there are easy ways to convert it and still get it on the Kindle.

But yeah, reading on e-ink is more pleasant than an LCD screen. I do question Barnes & Noble's motives for this. It seems like it's going to take them out of contention in the ereader market.
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I love my Nook Color. I can read in bed without the light. The children books are very good too. My daughter loves having them read to her.

Plus with the Nook I can get books from the Google bookstore and from the library. I can't do that with the Kindle using epub.
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