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October 22nd 2009 8:58 am

Launch day.

Hows every ones launch days going?

Have you installed a release copy yet? First impressions?

Personally I'm calling to find out how my G51J is coming along. Can't wait for it to arrive.

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First install crashed. Started over..not sure what I did wrong, but second one was fast and smooth. Looks great though it's nothing new to me since I tried the BETA/RC or whatever. Mostly use my MBP with Snow Leopard, but glad to see great work from MSFT.
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I was running the beta when it was released, RC1 same.
I was also fortunate enough to get an RTM version.

It runs just as well on my Core i7 gaming rig as it does on my Atom Netbook.

Welcome aboard! You're gonna love it!

Let me get you a drink!

This is AWESOME!
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I just downloaded the $30 student discount version. You first get a small download manager (an .exe), so I couldnt even download it on my Mac. Luckily I have a spare XP laptop, so I downloaded it on there. But the 2GB file it downloads is also an .exe (they assume you're downloading it to the PC you plan on upgrading). I just wanted to burn an .ISO.

On a side note, does anyone know when the launch even is? (So I know when to come back to gdgt for their live coverage)

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Gonna download my copy of the student discount one today, but won't be able to install it for a while... not going to chance messing up my girlfriends laptop while shes finishing her thesis!! Is this like with windows xp where I can install it on multiple machines with only one copy/license? If so I'll put it on my laptop too!!
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You know, one thing I'm very intrigued by.

It's the end of the day and Windows 7 launch hasn't made the front page on the BBC.
Snow Leopard did from the outset.
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Well, for whatever reason the BBC is currently a Trending Topic on Twitter so maybe they're just busy taking a beating today. ;)
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More likely to be the BNP thing. The British equivalent of the more conservative element of your Republicans is appearing in a BBC political questions programme and is causing controversy.
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Twitter actually explained that to me but the funny part is, when I actually searched for "BBC," most of the legitimate tweets weren't actually about Nick Griffin. (Though right now, this very second, they are.)
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It's Launch Day!!... I still haven't even opened my Retail Windows 7 Versions.. RC\RTM versions running fine..
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I got the Ultimate Signature a while back and I did have some issues loading it but that is only because I have an HP Mini. I took everything from the DVD and turned it into a bootable drive, however, when installing there was a large issue with the disk not being recognized as being able to load windows on it. But after a phone call to support and my computer finally acting correctly, everything went smooth.
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