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December 7th 2009 8:09 am

Little tip stop help stop the crackling.

I got these two items to replace the wire from the controller to the headset. I like having the mic volume and mute button on the controller rather than on the wire. It also helped reduce the crackling sound that these sometimes make.



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Also, I'd like to share my experience with the loud "popping" noises. We have AT&T U-Verse, and their modem is a wireless router all-in-one. Unfortunately, I have my XBox (and thus the X41) really close to the router. When the roommates use the wireless, it make very loud popping noises (not to be confused with the static crackling of the mic/signal range).

The X41 supposedly searches for the best frequency each time you pair, but it wouldn't fix the issue. I actually ended up solving the problem by changing the router's settings. It gives the option to pick a specific frequency (variations of 2.4ghz). I had it force-pick the farthest one, #11, and now the popping is gone.
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