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November 4th 2013 11:52 am

Looked good at the Gadget Show Live 2013 did anyone else see it ? Whats the price ?

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Open and honest - I work with the team. Was really well received by everyone that came to the stand. Looking at being £1500 (approx) when available later in month from Curry's. Not a bad price at all for what you get!
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£1500? That's really cheap! I had a quick check online and the only comparable product is from LG (Hecto) and costs a whopping £8000!! Mmh... seriously tempted!!
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I saw it to and thought it was brilliant!!! Perfect for a home cinema room and much better than a "normal" projector as you don`t have to mess around with all of the cabling etc. Ultra short throw is the way forward if you want a big screen experience without an expensive LCD screen dominating your room!! I`m certainly thinking about one for the world cup next year!!!
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I also liked it, but there was a strong smell of pies around the stand. Couldn't see any actual pies, so who ate all of them?
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