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December 4th 2013 2:06 pm

Looking for high end, thin display/screen to play video on wall

Hi all,

I am doing research for a photographer/director, I'm looking for a display/screen to be hung on a wall like a frame playing a video. It can't be a ordinary digital picture frame like the ones you put on your nightstand. It would need to be high resolution like a retina display and it can't have a logo showing or have an obvious border. Do you guys have any suggestions if this is an existing product?


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It depends on the viewing distance, if the frame is viewed from 5-10mts you can use high resolution LED screen panel and build your own screen to the size you need,.If the viewing distance is is too small then you can try slime all in one pcs it may be suitable. Have you thought of video projection using a high resolutions video projector? good luck !
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