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June 27th 2011 2:32 pm

Looks like iOS 5 is going to make life very difficult for jailbreakers.

ArsTechnica is reporting that they jailbreak dev team has uncovered some serious obstacles in iOS 5 that will prevent devices from using untethered jailbreaks or rolling back to older versions on the OS.

This is a huge bummer, though iOS 5 is giving me fewer and fewer reasons to jailbreak. (I even paid for tethering this month while traveling. What?!)

From Ars: "Those who have already backed up pre-iOS 5 blobs will still be able to restore their phones to them, but only using an older version of iTunes. And jailbreaks will likely remain a part of iPhone culture, but they will probably be limited to tethered jailbreaks—no more wireless jailbreaks for you."

Will this affect you? Do you think the dev team will eventually find a way around it? I've spent quite a bit of money in the Cydia store, so it nearly renders all those purchases useless for me. Kind of annoying, but it's a risk I knew I was getting into.

Via: arstechnica.com­/apple­/news­/2011­/06­/some­-jailbreaks...

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I've never paid for a jailbroken app and haven't had a desire to jailbreak since iOS 4 shipped so it doesn't matter much to me. I doubt that the dev team will be stopped long term, but this is probably a bummer short term for jailbreakers.
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If the carriers realized that bits are bits and stop charging you for every time you use your bits in a different way, whether it's a text message, a phone call, or a tethering session, it would make jailbreaking almost pointless.
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This is a good move by Apple, but the dev team will find a way around it. I'm not a jailbreaker, I've always been happy with iOS in its stock state, but I can't see the jb scene going very far if only tethered jailbreaks are available from here on out.
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There is almost an untethered jailbreak now. semi tethered at the moment, but the security flaws have been found. By the way, I have a blog for some popular jailbreaking topics. Check it out at: http://everythingontech.blogspot.com/
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