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July 12th 2009 6:18 am

Looong wait to get one from DealExtreme

I bought one over a week ago, and it got stuck at "Processing - Contact us for updates". So I contacted them for an update, twice, and 5 days passed without a response. I ended up requesting a refund, as I needed the money back to pay a bill that surprised me.

Eventually I plan on ordering one at ThinkGeek, and hopefully the wait won't be as long. I hear people have to wait a very long time when ordering one from DealExtreme (months, even.) The prices are great, but you'll have to use lots of patience as a result.

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I ordered mine off of eBay from user pokmantech. The order was shipped the next day and I received it (from Hong Kong) in about 10 business days. It came to about $90, so it won't be much cheaper than ThinkGeek, but I know that this guy has them in stock.
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