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July 11th 2009 12:36 am

Lot of Fuzz, but not that Amazing

I have to admit that I am extremely disappointed with this product, few roms works perfectly... do not expect much from this device... :(

Does anyone is happy with it ?

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I am extremely pleased with my Dingoo A320. I even went as far as to install Dingux to try and enhance the overall experience. Needless to say I am not impressed with Dingux.

The native Dingoo OS is great in that you can use start + select at any point during gameplay in any emulator and go to the menu and adjust sound/volume, save state, etc. I did not find a way to do that running Dingux.

The SNES emulator that came with the Dingoo works, but I recommend using the PocketSNES application that can be found online, and installing that in place of the one that came with the Dingoo. Yeah some games do not display correctly, but its a better emu than the stock.

There seems to be more and more developments for native Dingoo OS, that are easier to use and install than the Dingux.

Overall: Dingoo = Great / Dingux....not so great.
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There seem to be a surprising number of negative comments.
I've owned a Dingoo for about a month - and I think it is a great piece of electronics. I use it daily for watching downloaded video files or playing games.
The stock emulation is good - not great, admittedly, but there are now many hobbyist emulators for both the native environment and for Dingux.
I think mine was money well-spent!
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With the thousands of retro games out there, the Dingoo does an amazing job of emulating the majority of these straight out of the box. There are only around 50 games the Dingoo cannot play out of the vast librarys of NES, SNES, SMS, MD, Neo Geo, GBA, CPS1, CPS2 games combined.


Add in the Linux port (Dingux) which has a very active community behind it to produce various emulators, homebrew ports etc and you have a very compelling package. The emulators on Dingux will definetely have an improved compatibility rate compared to the native OS counterparts given time.

Dingux also allows you to use applications,emulators and games that the native OS cannot run. Such as M.A.M.E, Atari ST, Atari 2600, ScummVM, Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, Wolfenstein, Rise of the Triads plus lots of others.

My only issue with the Dingoo are the tiny shoulder buttons which are poor. They are not located in a natural or ergonomic position. The rest of the controls are fine.

For those of you disappointed with this PMP that can be found for as low as 80 dollars, are you expecting a handheld clustered supercomputer for that price too?
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Glad to join this discussion.

I highly doubt it'll surpass the psp in terms of emulation, but man, who cares. The screens the right res, the buttons are all there, its tiny, and its got a nice interface.

btw, can't believe so many cool handhelds have been coming out lately.

I'll wait a bit though.

Maybe finally I'll choose one from a site called Gameyeeeah.com that priced it $83.99

recommend link here: www.gameyeeeah.com­/dingoo­-a320­-game­-console­-and­-me...
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I love this device. I have had very few issues with roms not working properly as some others have expressed. The one problem I did encounter was some laggy video. Most videos/movies have been running great. Does anyone have suggestions to what format of video will run the smoothest?
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I've got one and I love it. Just ask yourself this question: if you could get a Color Gameboy with a back lit screen for $100 that would play 80% of all NES, GBA, Genesis and SNES games -- without you having to buy a single game -- AND play all your MP3s...AND Mpeg4 videos...would that be worth the money? If you answered yes, then you should buy it!
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The only problem I have ran into with this device is SOME SNES games don't run. These include (but I am sure are not limited to) F-Zero, Yoshi's Island and Super Mario RPG.

Other than that, this device is amazing. It is extremely cheap (considering what you can play with it), the screen is very detailed and large enough to see and the controller feels very similar to a SNES controller giving you very accurate play. Even with Genesis games, having one button up higher isn't too much of an issue because you can remap any button just like an emulator for your PC or Mac.

Another helpful community site is dingoo­-digital.com/
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I love my Dingoo A320.

For 83 dollars I'm not going to kid myself or others into thinking this is a device that's on par with the main stream systems, because it simply isn't.

What is IS however, is a surprisingly decent device that does an impressive amount of stuff considering it's really just another one of these "Chinese knockoffs".

It's just that THIS Chinese knockoff happens to be well built and has an ever-growing community of enthusiasts looking to make it into something even better, both through the development of Linux and themes and even hardware modifications.

I have almost every retro game I've ever loved, as well as scores of new ones to discover.
I also have a decent little PMP!

-and that's all before even exploring the Linux angle. THAT changes things for this little portable quite a bit.

Hopefully it's in the gadget list so i can add it. (I don't have enough hard data to do it myself)
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The out of the box emulator performance on the Dingoo is actually pretty impressive for some consoles, not so much for others (cough*SNES*cough). A lot of SNES titles have much, much more compatible GBA ports- Yoshi's Island and A Link To The Past for example. Advanced Wars 1&2 run beautifully, too, can't argue with that.

And this is out of the box performance. Obviously the point of sites like GBAX pushing the Dingoo, and the whole community effort behind it (a320.freeforms.org) and the Linux port (www.dingux.com) is that homebrew developers will be able to squeeze every last iota of performance out of the Dingoo A320 and make it a hell of a lot better than it is now.

The ultimate goal is to have a linux firmware replacement, at the moment many users are dual booting. The Dingoo is a gem because it has a reasonably decent D-Pad and face buttons, although the shoulder buttons are... odd... to say the least. Many other platforms can be beefed up with high compatibility, high speed emulators, but if their controls suck (every smartphone in existence, pretty much), it's a waste of time.
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Well, linux has been ported to it, I would expect much better emulator performance in the months to come.
And, the best place (IMO) to see what's going on with it is this --> http://dingoo-scene.blogspot.com/
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Thanks for the link, I will check this out ASAP. Personally I am a huge fan of Super Mario Kart on Super Famicom (I the proud owner of 2 SF and 4 Super Mario Kart Cartridge in their original package), but the Dingoo sucks like hell with Super Mario Kart... and many other Super Famicom games...
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I thought the GP2X was a pretty great emulator, but it really depends on what it is your looking to emulate.
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I'm glad to see some people talking about this device. I was wondering how good of an emulator it is and it sounds like its not very good at all. Does anyone have any recommendation for a better stand alone emulator? Or am I just better off getting a PSP?
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Have either of you owned a GP2X? I had one awhile ago, and sold it. I've been thinking of picking up another dedicated emulation device, and came across this one. If either of you have any experience, how do the two compare?
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Yup. It's acquirable for a low price but I was honestly disappointed with compatibility issues. Good concept though!
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