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June 14th 2010 3:47 pm

Love how I added the pictures here to the product but Ryan felt the need to overwrite them with the.. same.. photos.

What's the point of allowing your members to edit products if you're going to edit what they just did? C'mon.

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Hey Jordan, I actually meant to send you an email about this to apologize for overwriting your photos, but I had to run out momentarily.

Basically, the images Microsoft posted had extremely low contrast (which made them hard to see, since the product is black), and a lot of extra whitespace that our image system didn't successfully detect and remove. I went ahead and uploaded slightly better versions of the same shots in the interest of having the best possible quality images on the site.

As Dave said, though, we really appreciate people like you taking the time to put images into the system!
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It had more to do with how Microsoft posted the photos. We're happy that you were really fast on the draw though. It's awesome to see gdgt users step up when it comes to adding new products and photos!
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