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February 28th 2013 9:46 am

Love this idea!

I think this kinda thing is a step in the future, but a company like Asus taking that step means close to nothing. Until a company like Sony, Samsung, Apple adopt this mobile device fitting into a tablet form factor, it won't be a popular category.

On a side note, does the whole phone have to fit into the device? I think if Sony made a cable that you could connect your Vita to a tablet and play either on the Vita or on a dualshock 3 (possibly for portable multiplayer/splitscreen gaming) that would be interesting and push the notion that making your devices literally connect to each other is possible and awesome.

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The whole phone has to sit in the device to make the tablet work. This isn't the first one ASUS has done and they've always been OK devices from reviews. The problem they'll have is adoption and since they wont be sold in the states that will be tough to break here. I'm sure they do well in other areas of the world though.
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I like the idea of tethering devices together to get a different experience as well. I like the way that Ubuntu is demoing the ability to use one device to power different types of screens, which is similar to the PadFone - youtu.be­/h384z7Ph0gU­?t­=5m4s

Hopefully companies will keep exploring this area.
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I don't know anything about this particular PadFone, but the problem in the past with them was the price right?

I seem to remember the padfone + dock costing as much as a phone and tablet. And you can use a phone and a tablet at the same time, not one or the other
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