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March 19th 2010 5:15 pm

Love this thing, but it needs a mobile app

I really like the Fitbit I just received, and I'm already loving the charts graphs and stats that are generated. What i think they really need to complete the package is an App for iPhone/Android etc. (or at the very least, a more mobile-friendly site).

Logging food, for example, is a great way to encourage weight loss and healthy living - and they've built a pretty good system on the site, but waiting until you're back behind your computer instead of quickly logging what you're eating while you're out and about, isn't a great experience to be sure and if you can't log what you eat easily and quickly, you're more likely to stop doing it.

Unlike the Flash-dependent nike + iPod site, you technically can use fitbit.com on most mobiles, but the layout is designed for a desktop or laptop and as a result it's not exactly the best experience.

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