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November 23rd 2013 1:50 am

Lumia 929 accessory listing hints about 6th-7th Dec release date on Verizon.


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I kinda see how that might add up, however, Sknomi isn't releasing the Nokia Lumia 1520 screen protectors until Dec. 6, but the 1520 is already out... This is possibly a lead, however I suggest we shouldn't trust it entirely....

Ok guys, I need solid evidence. I can't seem to find the right webites for any news whatsoever; its over my head! A TON of websites give an insight on the specs of the phone, but I have been hearing stories about Verizon in-store reps comfirming that there is not going to be a release of a Nokia phone for Verizon? I'm not really sure I buy that.... I also am seeing a bunch of websites constantly changing the release dates, and frankly, I agree with most that say not to trust leaks UNTIL Verizon says something about it. I've been excitied and then depresssed after many leads and leaks, and I'm beginning to wonder whether Verizon is really going to release the phone... If anyone can give any solid evidence on relase dates to help keep my hopes up, I really would appreciate. This phone really excites me. I want to see it in the market :)
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