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October 25th 2012 7:28 pm

Mac Mini versus iMac for first time user

How would you compare a quad core Mac Mini versus an iMac for a first time mac owner that wants to do light video work?

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if you are looking at the quad core models other than the display, and size your biggest difference is going to be the video card and the amount of RAM you add to the machine.

i the Mini you can still add more RAM i have seen if you can on the iMAC but i doubt it with the new slimmer design.

if you are talking about just using the iMovie application i think you will be fine with the Mini assuming you have the keyboard, mouse and monitor already.
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Yes. I will bring my own display and peripherals. I can't find a solid answer if the discreet GPU of an iMac would be better for quality/speed
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The value of the GPU is primarily with games and perhaps some rendering applications that recognize and work with a GPU. By games, I am specifically referring to games that render a "realistic" 3D world for a conventional display - not something like Angry Birds where a GPU is mostly irrelevant.

For light iMovie use, I seriously doubt that you will miss the GPU.

Macworld posted some benchmarks that do show the difference between integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 and the Nvidia’s GeForce GT 650M earlier this summer in their comparison of 13" and 15" MacBook Pros (see Portal 2 benchmark): http://goo.gl/E3OKy
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