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January 13th 2010 2:41 pm

macbook 13 inch unibody or macbook pro 13 inch

I like the fact that the Pro is made out of aluminium, but I like the shape of the macbook unibody much more...
If I get one, which one should it be? (with consideration to the price difference as well)

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I recently went through this debate. I was even throwing in the 15" aluminum MacBook Pro into the mix.

In the end, I went with the 13" unibody macbook for the following reasons:
- I wasn't planning on doing any processor intensive work on my computer, since I have a suped up MacBook Pro for work.
- 13 inch is cheaper (duh)
- Lastly, and most importantly, the differential in price allowed me to get the Geek Squad coverage (comparable to AppleCare, in my opinion)
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