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March 15th 2013 2:29 am

Many new phones announced recently. What's captured your attention?

I was really excited about the HTC One when it was announced and I was dying to get my hands on one (pun not intended). Then they delayed its release to well after the Samsung GS4 announcement and I was worried they'd steal a lot of attention from the HTC One. Thankfully, it didn't in my opinion.

What about you guys?

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From a tech standpoint, the reason I choose HTC over other options is the build quality. Software via Sense or TouchWiz are easily modified/hidden with a launcher of your own, something I will likely take part in. The plastic feel of a Samsung phone just doesn't appeal to me. It's down to Sony and HTC on build quality alone, and Sony doesn't make CDMA phones.

Can't wait for the One!
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it remains to be seen how the htc one does. people who really read up on phones throughout the year are one thing, the masses are another. samsung learned a lot about advertising to the masses from apple
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I'm more interested in the opinions of the techy people here on GDGT rather than the masses. I know the masses will just stick to the Galaxy and the iPhone and not care about anything else.
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yeah i suppose i was addressing the worry you expressed regarding the delayed release and the chances of the samsung event stealing attention.
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The one will be coming out a few weeks ahead of the S4 from what I can tell. Personally I like the One much more than S4... The build quality is just on another level. And fortunately, my 2 year ended in February.

Of course with the absurd amount of money Samsung is dumping into marketing the S4, its going to be the clear winner in terms of sales.
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I don't think either company is doing itself a favor by releasing so close to each other. This isn't like Sony and Microsoft releasing game consoles or Canon and Nikon announcing new cameras close to each other. This is more like Asus and Samsung announcing new tablets close to each other, neither one being a market leader and effectively splitting sales between the same customers and confusing others as to which one is better. Fragmentation and rapid releases cause much confusion for Android users.

Samsung has a better reputation out of the two companies. HTC makes arguable better products that, like Motorola (think Razr), have problems down the line. Now HTC may have been able to fix this over the past year or so and certainly this phone looks to be their best, but Samsung certainly reaches a larger audience with its bigger name so peripherals and cases will likely be cheaper and easier to find.

If I had to choose, I would go with the HTC because it does looks to have been built better and I prefer HTC as a company over Samsung in the mobile phone market. In general though, I think the release of these two phones together will increase fragmentation and hurt Android.

Verdict: Good move for HTC, bad move for Samsung, overall bad for Android.

Mo phones, Mo confusion, Mo update issues, Mo problems
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If you look at all features on the Sony Xperia Z, like water and dust proof, excellent Bravia display tech, great Sony camera sensor, it's hard to deny that Sony is finally a legitimate contender. I was previously a Galaxy owner of S2, S3, Note 1, and Note 2. They were all nice phones but I'm very pleased with Sonys premium yet practical features that are not commonly found. I'd consider this phone perfect if it had the two front stereo speakers that HTC applied on their One model.
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