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Maybe it's because I already own a Kindle and an iPad, but this seems pretty underwhelming to me.

If you're going to take the hit to battery life moving from e-ink to LCD and you're already running Android, then why are you not just selling it as an Android tablet? Perhaps they stand out a little from the rest of the Android tablet crowd by branding it as a reader, but what they gain in awareness they lose in an "actual functionality vs dollars spent" comparison. It's the worst of both worlds: the limited battery life of an LCD based tablet, plus (most) of the usage restrictions of a dedicated e-book reader. I can't see this as being much of a hit.

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I dunno. Depending upon the performance this could be an interesting middle ground. It certainly is an interesting shot at both Apple and Amazon. Being half the price of an iPad and probably a fraction of the features it seems this is very much still a reader and not really a tablet as some may position it.

If positioned as a reader it really has a great feature list apart from not having e-ink. I think if they can pull off a viable magazine/newspaper store in addition to the media rich books, like they demo'd with the children's books this can be a very good product. At $250 too, it makes you wonder where Sony now stands in this race.

I like though that they are throwing a new dynamic into the ebook wars. Not only are they challenging the Kindle with this product, but they are challenging the iPad to an extent. I am glad they didn't just try to duke it out in a race to the bottom for a price war.

This adds a nice new dynamic to the market I think.
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I think that this is a ridiculous move by B&N. As someone that spends half their day working on things on a computer, straining my eyes, why would I want to sit down to enjoy a book and strain my eyes by looking at a miniature LCD? I also have a kindle and an iPad, I love both, but the kindle offers a reading experience far beyond that of the iPad just because it is easy on the eyes and it works.

I really think that B&N, as well as anyone for that matter, is taking a big step backwards by putting an LCD in to their reader. If they find some way to make a back lit e-ink reader that you can use in the dark and it is as comfortable as if you were reading by sunlight or lamp light I would jump on that in a second. But, adding these gimmicks like a browser and games and "extra functionality"... give me a break. I have my kindle cause I wanna read things, I have my iPad and my computer to surf the web and do other things.

I'm not going to by a nook with a lame excuse for android and think "oh yeah, this will be a great way to search the web." I want to read books... if they really want my money, they should offer me the best way to do that. an LCD is not it
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I love mine. I agree though, if you have a Kindle and an iPad you have no need for one.
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