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November 6th 2013 2:06 pm

Media Player app, for Android

I have recently moved to Android from iOS and Window Phone 8. Both of those platforms had a well designed default media app that could handle audiobooks, music, podcasts and video. Android has the Play apps for media, but as users, which apps do you prefer?

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I like MX Player for video and Doggcatcher for podcasts. For audio I use Google Music and rdio.
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For music, I use the stock HTC music app. For video, mostly VLC but occasionally the stock HTC video app.
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Poweramp is the best music player for Android. Get it first!!!!


It's completely free for first 15 days, after that you'll have to buy the pro key.
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Listen to audio books and want to save/use bookmarks frequently? Use Astro Player Pro.
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I mainly used Rdio and Subsonic (dSub fork) but when I'd use a secondary device as just a media player I found Shuttle+ to be the most basic, and simple player. PowerAmp always felt too bloated to me.
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I tried a few multipurpose apps but was never happy with them. I finally settled on using Google Play for music, Doggcatcher for podcasts, and Smart AudioBook Player for audiobooks that I download from librivox.org and for podcasts where I don't subscribe to the feed but only download an occasional episode. I am experimenting with using Doggcatcher for audiobooks as well for the current book I am listening to and it is going pretty well so far.
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There are a lot of apps for music out there. I use Google Music because I subscribe to the All Access service. I've used, Spotify, Poweramp, Winamp, 8Tracks, Mspot (before Google Music existed), UberMusic, Songbird and We Are Hunted. For podcasts I've used the Listen app but, I love Pocketcasts. I'm not a big audiobook listener. My girlfriend is and she'll buy me Audible books every once in awhile so that's what I use. I don't really watch a lot of local video; mostly streaming (youtube, vimeo, netflix) but I've used MoboPlayer and MX Player before.
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