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September 22nd 2009 2:56 pm


Has anyone dl'd this and started playing around with it? I did for a few minutes the other day and it's interface in very similar to iTunes. You get direct connection to the PSN via your desktop/laptop for quick and eacy transfer and storage of digital content.

I did however read something that said to the likes of...that your PSPGo! had to be connected to the computer to DL anything from the PSN. Anyone confirm or deny?

I sold my 2001 slim and a few accessories for $200. So why not get the Go for basically $50!

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I guess you sold your games too? That statement doesn't make any sense because you can download directly from the PSN right now. According to wikipedia, there are three ways to get games off of the PSN

- direct download onto PSP (play on PSP and/or transfer to PS3/PC)

- direct download onto PS3 (play on PS3 and/or transfer to PSP/PC)

- indirect download onto PC (transfer to PS3/PSP)
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i think it is Sony's way of curbing piracy. think about it. You could DL games/movies/TV off of the MediaGo application and then pirate them if those files were stored on the PC. I am guessing the MediaGo PC software is just an interface for downloading DIRECTLY to the PSP's. MediaGo does not store any digital content on your PC???
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From further reading, it sounds like you can download to the PC, but only if the PSP is connected... this sounds pretty dumb to me but whatever... (like this would ever keep real pirates from ripping off games....)
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