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December 1st 2009 6:26 pm

Memory Cards

They recommend you use at least a class 4 memory card however I have found that it works with a class 2. What is more important is how your computer can handle the video. When I first started viewing the video on my laptop the video was choppy when I used the QuickTime Viewer. However, when I changed the open with settings to use Windows Media Player video was smooth and clean.

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Yeah, different players use system recourses differently, some more than others, so if your system is on the lower edge of required spec to playback HD you'll need to use a lightweight player. As for the class (speed) of SD cards, since your post I think class 10 is the default standard now and cheap which is more than enough. It will be interesting to see the minimum spec for the new Hero2 HD with 120 fps which card they recomend there... :o)
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