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August 29th 2014 4:01 am

Memory SD card,any good recommend pls?

My Memory SD card is broken,any good recommend pls?

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Hi freelife,
have a look at this sorted list of SD cards (all SDXC which have large capacity and are fast): skinflint.co.uk­/­?cat­=sm­_sdhc­&sort­=p­&xf­=298...
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Thanks ,i will have a look
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I did not had your problem with a broken one but I needed a higher capacity SD Memory card for my Samsung S3 and I found a large variety of memory cards www.cellz.com­/electronics­/memory­-cards.html depending on your need for sure you can find something to suit your preferences.I am very happy with my 32GB Micro SD Sandisk Memory card and I hope it helps
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