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December 3rd 2013 6:20 pm

Microphone for video narration

Hi, I am looking for an inexpensive microphone for video editing use. It will be used in the "studio" (my office!) to record narration tracks to overlay on timelines in Premiere Pro CS6.

I have tried cheap desktop microphones but the quality is not best with a lot of "noise".

Anyone have any suggestions? Budget is as little as possible (no more than £30 or so preferably) as I don't do a massive amount of narration, but when I do I want it to be as clear as possible. Doesn't matter if USB or 3.5mm jack as machine is more than powerful enough to not worry about overheads of the USB input.

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Hi just went though this same process myself. It can be very confusing. I ended up with a Samson C01U USB Studio condenser microphone. Just today I set it up to record audio tracks on Premiere Pro CS6. (Hint. You would think that it would start recording in the audio mixer box when you hit the R button and the red record button, but you have to also hit the PLAY button. It makes no sense, but that took me 2 hours to figure out!)
I bought mine used for 80 dollars US but that included a mount, pop filter and carrying case.

Look at some of the Blue microphones. Many podcasters like them, like the Yeti or Bullet.
Also, go for the USB not one that can plug into your Record plug. That is usually a "noisy" electronic method to route the sound through.

What is nice about my set up is that now I can do google voice calls with quality audio or good Skype calls.
Good luck!
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