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March 14th 2014 11:41 am

Microsoft: Always with a sense of humor

I just thought I would share this because I genuinely thought it was hilarious.

Apparently last month on Valentines day, my local Microsoft store was hosting speed dating... of their Windows devices

"Speed Dating Our Devices"

"Join us in our theater space to find love this Valentines, Love with our Devices that is. We are going to showcase the Windows Phone, Surface tablet, the joys of windows 8.1 and some much more. Come in and meet your in love."


The sad thing is if I were (1) single and (2) known about this I probably would have gone just to see what it was like.

I can't imagine that either of the Apple stores near me have hosted anything like that.

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Pretty ironic considering their marketing for Windows Phone originally was to suggest you shouldn't really love your phone but should just check for updates quick and get back to life.
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Hahaha that sounds really awesome!
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