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October 23rd 2009 1:22 pm

Microsoft Needs to throw some punches

Verizon finally made a commercial whose sole purpose was to bash the iPhone, all Mac commercials do is point out flaws in Windows(even though they do the same thing), so I think it is time for Microsoft to have a commercial where Microsoft goes balls out and bashes OSX.

How great would this commercial be:

Friend: Hey man can I check my email on your computer
Guy: Sure
Friend walks over where there is an option to log into either a guest account or his friend's account. not knowing his friends password he logs into the guest account.
Friend and guy leave to go somewhere.
Guy comes back, logs in, and starts clicking frantically before the moment when he starts yelling NNNNOOOOOO.

Wouldn't it be fun to see some deep punches thrown? A little more than the "I am not cool enough to buy a Mac" ones.

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Actually I'm glad Microsoft took the higher ground and came out with commercials that didn't bash anybody at all and instead spoke about the things that Windows 7 fixes and does well. If you haven't seen them this is what I'm talking about:



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I think the punches were the "find it and we'll buy it for you" commercials that highlighted you can get much more PC for much less money.... they were true and straight to the point... besides, if people are really buying computers because a commercial makes them think it is cool to do so.... F'em!!
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Very true, even if Macs commercials tend to bash on PC, it's still undeniable that PC still has many share of the market when it comes to personal computers and computers at work. A giant company attacking others would discourage people more from buying them.

In my opinion, people really should try both and see which really fits them may it be a Mac or PC.
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The higher ground commercials are certainly... well, taking the higher ground, but you have to bear in mind the mindset of the people they're pitching to. There's a reason attack ads work for lower-than-higher-denominator types who have an elevated opinion of themselves.

I'd like to see some pithy ads in that respect interspersed with this higher-ground stuff. Straight-up attack, to the point, not smartass or cutesy. And oh dear lord, definitely not four people around a kitchen counter.
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