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August 9th 2013 6:38 pm

Microsoft reveals more about the Xbox One

Starting with an unboxing of the Xbox One yesterday (www.youtube.com­/watch­?v­=lbrmAsxJPv4), Microsoft has been on a role with details about new features coming to its next-gen platform. Although there were few surprises in the unboxing, a headset was included in the packaging despite Microsoft originally saying that one would not be included.

Fast forward to today when Microsoft announced more details about their Xbox Live/Game sharing programs. While stating that their "goal is for Xbox One to be the hub for games and entertainment in your living room", Microsoft detailed that digitally purchased games can be played by any gamertag on the console, and that digital games can be shared when the purchaser signs into another console.

Microsoft also explained how Xbox Live Gold benefits sharing will work, and it's surprisingly simple. Anyone can sign into your console and utilize your Xbox Live Gold subscription even if you're not there or logged in, and you can log into a friends' console and give everyone on that console Xbox Live benefits while you're signed in.

Edit: In Microsoft's continuing pattern of caving to consumer pressure (a good thing!), they've also released new details about the Kinect, which will now not be required for the Xbox One to function, and will be able to be turned completely off. Read more about the change here: www.joystiq.com­/2013­/08­/12­/xbox­-one­-wont­-require­-p...

Do these additional features make the Xbox One more enticing to you after Microsoft's considerable blunder at E3?


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That's great that they're doing these things. They're getting rid of these restrictions that we all hate about our consoles. :D
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