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February 24th 2012 4:16 pm

Mobile World Congress is coming! What are your must-have phones?

Mobile World Congress 2012 starts in Barcelona on Monday, but we've already seen plenty of announcements and leaks regarding some of the phones (and tablets) expected to be shown off. Check out the list below for what we know about, let us know what you're excited about, and stay tuned to gdgt for the latest product releases!

AcerASUS HTCHuaweiLG NokiaSamsungSony MobileViewsonicAlso, though it's not a phone or tablet, don't forget to check out Ubuntu for Android: gdgt.com­/canonical­/ubuntu­-for­-android/

As usual, keep an eye our "latest" page for the newest products to be added to our database: gdgt.com­/latest/

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Without a doubt the phone I am dying to see, being a big Nokia fan is the N8 successor, the 808 or whatever the final name will be. Nokia has alot to live up to with the N8 successor since that is hailed to be one of the top 3 best camera phones of all time aside from the rest of the phone which held it's own against fierce competition and now with Belle, my N8 is better then it ever has been.

I also look forward to seeing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview finally released. With so many varying expectations for Microsoft and their new OS, this can be a make or break for them in the mobile sector even though the OS isn't finalized but pretty darn close and from what we have seen so far, the Consumer Preview wont be a drastic change from what we saw in the Developer Preview which I didn't like all that much.

Should be a good show, looking forward to it.
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HTC One X that's it short list
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808 Pureview
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