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July 7th 2009 10:53 pm

Moblin v2 on the PS3

My PS3 will be arriving this Thursday. I also ordered a few linux distros to test on it. I got one disc of Ubuntu 9.04 that has been enhanced for the PS3. Hopefully that works good. I also got a disc of a new beta linux netbook distro called Moblin. It is an innovative and very different distro for basic browsing, social websites, and media. I like the look and think it might run well on the PS3. I am just not sure how easy it will be to install. Ive googled it and so far I dont think anyone has tried it. If you have any recommendations for Linux on the PS3 please let me know. I will try out moblin this Thursday and let you know how good it is. Thanks

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Oh do let me know how this go. I too would like to know if it'll work. I've tried yellow dog and hated it actually.
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the problem with Linux on the PS3 is that it runs in a virtual environment and is not allowed full access to the hardware.
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