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July 4th 2009 3:10 pm

Model variations

Any thought on weather or not PS2 should broken up into multiple gadgets? With 5 different model series - 10000, 30000, 50000, 70000, 90000 - each with different capabilities, accessories, games, and form factors - talking PS2 in general can be confusing. If it was broken up we could track ownership of the variations there in and provide for discussion and support for the different models. I personally am the proud owner of a 35000GT and a 30001 and have been thinging about getting a 90000.

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We have a solution we're working on to track more detailed ownership of sub-models (what we call alternate configurations) but it didn't seem to make sense to bifurcate the PlayStation community. Don't you think?
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True. And perhaps along those lines, eventually, varies sizes of tvs in the same line - say samsung series 6 dlp or sony xbr3 lcd - could be grouped together under 1 heading.
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Really? All I know was there's the original PS2 and a slim one...what are the differences in all those revisions you listed?
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10000 was the original Japanese model that had a type III pc card slot for future expansion.

30000 was model original model out in north america and europe. It used a 3.5" expansion bay.

50000 brought some major changes. Firewire was dropped, while an IR sensor was added along with expanded disc read capabilities. Many shipped with a network adapter in the box.

70000 series was the first full redesign. Networking was now built in, hard drive support was lost. The power supply moved external, some accesories were redesigned to work with them, and discs were top loaded like an original PS1.

90000 is the latest version and a refresh of the slim design. The power supply has been moved back internally, the exterior was been given a new two tone look and the vertical stand was redesigned to be like the original.
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I know slim devices don't work with hacking DVD's, so basically original PS2 is way better than those
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I want the slim so it takes up no space and uses very little power. I still have my original PS2 FAT because I have a 200gb hard drive in it and load up all my games (and some of Blockbusters) using HDLoader.
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For all the hacking i have done, i never even thought about the ability to add a hard drive to the ps2, i maybe buying another fat one or a slim for my girlfriend to play.
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I bought HDLoader when I heard they were banning it in America! How's that for good press!? This thing lets you rip about 90% of ps2 games and is awesome for compiling your games in one easy to launch place. Keeps my PS2 going and games load faster too!
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I have the original 3000 which i got in 2001...Only have 1 game for it lol.
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stupid sony and their stupid model revisions.. lord knows nintendo never changed a thing on the NES and it was pretty solid (still using mine). (not counting the later top later - it had sold without any change for forever and many people never even knew about the top loading model....)
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Yeah, with things like the Independence Exploit and Free McBoot, the fat (especially earlier) PS2 models are pretty superior so far as flexibility goes.
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I have a 50001 with a 40 GB HDD. The fan is noiseless (compared to the 30000). I don't care about the firewire (I never used it with the 30000) and there are some options (for this model) to modify (FreeMCBoot, a mod chip (a friend had a 50011 and had some problems to install the FreeMCBoot. None of the modchip works properly).

I've never had a PS2 slim. My recommendation is a 50001 (5 years with mi PS2)
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