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months later I find myself not being on the xbox 360 slim as much as I would hope for....it was fun when my live account was active.

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Try playing some single player games. Like Mass Effect 1 and 2. Or the awesome Alan Wake.
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I actually let my Xbox Live account expire as well and now my console is just gathering dust for the most part.

In my case, there are a few reasons:
1. I don't really enjoy paying $50 / year when I get the same service on the PS3 for free.
2. More of my friends are on PSN than XBL.
3. Tired of paying $120 per game that I want to potentially play with friends on PS3, but also on Xbox sometimes.

Ultimately, I'm going where more of my friends are going and that's PS3 at the moment.
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Any specific reason why?
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