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July 4th 2014 8:10 pm

Moto 360 Pricing

It’s really frustrating when a public sees a device but doesn’t get any information on the specs of that device. Same goes for the recently unveiled Moto 360 as the company refused to comment on anything regarding the specs of the device or the screen that is used on it, while both Samsung and LG has disclosed everything about their smart watch but people are still interested in the Moto 360 and want to know what’s under the hood.

In terms of internal specs the Moto 360 should have the same internals as the LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live but what’s got the public worried is what the retail price of the actual Moto 360 watch would be. That is because Motorola has used premium quality materials in the manufacturing of Moto 360 and we certainly saw that on Google I/O. Moto 360 is also said to be using a sapphire glass on its screen and also supports wireless charging and none of that comes cheap so we might be expecting a pretty expensive smart watch.

What’s really got us worried is the fact that the pre-ordering price of Moto 360 listed in China is around 2,800 Yuan which makes for around $450 while both the other smart watches from LG and Samsung are priced around 1500 Yuan. This does not mean that Motorola smart watch might actually cost that much as the pricing listed in China can be because of the attention that the smart watch is getting from the public, though Motorola did have a watch face contest for their Moto 360 where they listed the price of the watch for $249 and denied later for it not being the retail price of the smart watch.

Whatever the price of the smart watch maybe be we are expecting it to be higher than $300

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