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October 18th 2011 4:19 pm

MotoACTV's website counterpart - How will it compare to others?

This is an amazing device, first of all. The thought that came to my mind though is how will the MotoACTV website perform/appeal to its users? Will it be just as robust and comprehensive as other fitness device-oriented websites, such as Garmin Connect, Strava, or DailyMile? And will MotoACTV allow or provide some sort of API/export function such that those who have used these aforementioned websites so religiously up until the MotoACTV's introduction can continue to use other websites. I for one have used all 3 websites, and it would not be very fun if I were to get this device and be stuck with using one specific website for the MotoACTV's activities.

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I really hope it isn't built in Flash, the Nike+ website is built in Flash and is pretty terrible, it's slow and buggy.
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Agreed. I remember when I was training for a triathlon, and before I had my Garmin I used Nike+. Did not particularly like the website. It has definitely grown and improved over the years, but using Strava/Garmin Connect/DailyMile is so much better now.
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I really like the payout of the site. Very impressive for it to be V1
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