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March 6th 2014 1:23 pm

Mouse lagging windows 8.1

Recently built a new computer and I have windows 8.1. The first update occurred on my computer (36 updates). Since then, my computer mouse lags/stutters/freezes. I restored my computer to before the update. Mouse worked fine. Update again, same issues. I have updated all the drivers, read plenty of forums but most are dated around Nov 2013. Please help!!!! My computer from 2003 is more enjoyable to use because the mouse is fine

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It's possible one of the drivers being pulled down is a new mouse driver.
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Perhaps the Logitech software for that particular mouse has not been properly updated for 8.1 yet. Maybe you should just uninstall all Logitech software for now and use it as a basic mouse with the default Windows mouse driver until the next time Logitech updates the software.
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I accidentally added the logitech mouse to the thread. I only wanted to add "mouse". Anyways, the current driver is a generic/basic mouse driver. I attempted to use different drivers that were available but none worked
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The only other thing that comes to mind is that it is possible the driver for your USB chipset in 8.1 may be the culprit. Is the mouse plugged into a USB 3 port? If so, try plugging it into another port that is not USB 3 (most boards these days have some USB 2 ports in addition to the USB 3 ports. If that is not the deal, perhaps plugging into a port on a different set of ports would help. In other words, if you are plugged into a port on back of the machine, try one of the auxiliary USB ports on the front of the case since they would be connected to a different jack on the motherboard.
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This is the mouse I have:
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I had Windows incorrectly update a video driver on me. The video driver update was listed as critical so there was no way to block it. On this machine I had to turn off automatic updating and remember to check manually, and remember that when I update to unselect the video driver before continuing.

I wonder if you restore, and before you let the updates install, if you see any drivers in the list. If you do, and unselect them, will the remaining updates install and not cause problems?

I agree with other posts here. It sounds like a mouse or USB driver issue.
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Thank you for all the tips. I tried a different USB port and everything seems to be working out. I dont know why, it is on the same Motherboard and are both USB 2.0. Who knows!
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I have found over the years that you sometimes get different power output levels on different ports, so it is always a good idea to try another port.
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Its nothing to do with drivers...
Not a mouse or any hardware issue.
I felt like throwing my new Logitech M557 until I finally found this..

Follow procedure at below link.

All the best.
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