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August 12th 2014 2:00 pm

Moving on from Google Maps for OpenStreet Maps powered alternatives?

In Dave's discussion yesterday about travel apps [1] I saw few suggestions come up for Map.me and other OSM powered alternatives. As someone who has been migrating away from Google products [2] the hardest one to give up is Maps. Apple Maps works fine if I know the exact address of the place, but its ability to parse the search text with accurate results isn't the best. For example if I search "Bluestone Lane coffee New York, NY" in both of services, Google will show me both locations whereas Apple Maps might show me one but there is a good possibility it returns something not even in Manhattan.

OpenStreet Maps has come a very long way [3] and seems like it can now be a viable option, the problem is finding a program that delivers the data well. I've tried MapQuest but like Apple Maps it's not the best with contextual type searching and does a better job with pin point addressing. Perhaps if I want to use OSM I need to lower my expectations a bit and do a better job of getting the actual address?

So if you've got options for OSM powered apps I'd love to hear them. I was ready to give Maps.me a go but the free version doesn't offer searching.
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You can search locations with Foursquare and have it open in Apple maps.
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Too many steps man!
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This is the thing I'm encountering with trying to find and bookmark places in Galileo (the OSM mapping app I'll be using). The point-of-interest searching is just downright horrible. It makes sense though. Restaurants, bars, stores, etc are opening and closing all the time. It seems like it'd be a herculean effort to get all that data into OSM (not to mention keep it relevant and updated).

Foursquare probably has it right since they're probably the biggest collaborative location data site around, but all that data is designed for their own use -- they're not going to share it back with OSM out of the goodness of their hearts.

So, I kind of have to do what Cass suggested. Search for something I want in another app, remember where the heck the location is, and then find it in Galileo (or whatever mapping app I'm using) so I can bookmark it. I guess this is literally what saving a place in Foursquare is supposed to be for, but I want offline access to it due to potential data roaming issues.

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