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April 18th 2014 3:39 pm

MTV shows us some cyber stuff, in 1994

Earlier this week, BuzzFeed took us back to 1994. Those halcyon days when the "M" in MTV really did stand for "music." In particular, we got a taste of something Kurt Loder threw together about a little company you may have heard of -- America On-Line. (Video here: engt.co­/1ph0wc0)

Back before there was Twitter, if you wanted to get up and personal with your favorite boy band, bulletin boards were the way to go. Sure, Nick Lachey could reply to your Tweet with the quickness today, but back then it took Chuck D an hour to type out a simple sentence.

Does this give you any feels that take you back to the early days of cyberspace? Spill them below.

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