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April 20th 2010 3:25 am

Musing on 4th Gen iPhone vs Palm Pre Plus

Im in Australia and own a iPhone 3G and am due for an upgrade in a couple of months.... the new iPhone looks pretty nice... but every man and his dog has one here and a bit of diversity doesn't go astray - so been entertaining the idea of importing a GSM Palm Pre Plus in a few months once they're out. I'd like to support Palm as the underdog and I think webOS is amazing and open... but could have a world of pain with it given they're not released here...

Any Pre Plus owners got any thoughts? and iPhone crew?

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Based on Gizmodo's specifications, the 4th-gen iPhone will most certainly be far superior to the Pre Plus in terms of hardware. It looks to be quite a bit faster, and build quality looks much more promising than that of the present Palm devices.

So it really comes down to the OS. Do you prefer WebOS over the iPhone OS? I know I do, but not enough to make up for the hardware differences.

It's also worth asking the question on whether being different is worth acquiring a product that's reached obsolescence. I had Sony Ericsson's XPERIA X1 for a very long time, and it turned everyone's head, but inevitably I dumped it for the 3GS which filled my needs much better and was simply superior from a hardware perspective.
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Yea great points Nac... I definitely think that webOS is much more elegant than the iPhone OS. While its great there's some multitasking coming on OS 4.0, I think it looks like a fairly clunky and visually unappealing way to do it (I wonder if the fact that webOS had already taken the Expose metaphor, Apple didn't want to be perceived as copying them)

But there is the obsolescence issue... and it does seem that 4th-gen iPhone will have some stronger hardware happening... and although its unlikely, I guess its possible Palm could announce new hardware, even given the turbulence....
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The full App Catalog isn't available outside of the countries in which the Pre is sold. I got a Pre as a test device and, while WebOS trumps iPhone OS in many ways, without access to apps I haven't been able to switch to it as my day-to-day smartphone. I reckon a Nexus One is the best option if you want to ditch the iPhone.
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Amen to the distaste of having the same phone as everyone. I hate it.

But I think this question comes down to apps. I can't imagine that webOS is attracting new developers. If apps are important to you, I would consider going with android since you're looking for a change.
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Yes there is an absolute sea of iPhones everywhere... I guess I use a small amount of key apps (like Facebook) so its a possibility...
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I heard also that Australia has the highest amount of iPhones per capita... im not surprised if so
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With Palm looking for a buyer I would hold off on buying a Palm. I was really looking forward to the Pre when it came out, but then it was only in the States. Now I'm looking forward to see the iPhone 4G or get jump ship and get an Android device.
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I would stick to an iPhone, more apps and a company you know won't die anytime soon. Not sure about android, but palm will die, I can't wait.
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Us aussies do like supporting the underdog, and I think Palm having ripped out webOS is pretty amazing...
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