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My eyes!

But seriously, doesn't this look like something that Skullcandy would make? Anyway, it's neat to see Razer move on to colors other than black.

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yeah it is nice to see them move on to colors, but it would be nicer to see them pick something a bit subtler... like their usual blue color (even though that green is my favorite color ;)
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I wouldn't mind something that was mainly black but with bright accent colors. Razer knows how to do that so I'm not sure why they needed to do these bright green ones.
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i think its just to set it farther apart from the carcharias (which are the exact same thing but mic-less)
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they would never do anything blue though....its reserved for their LEDs
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skullcandy's products are much less ergonomic and sound distorted because of all the bass
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No, this is a wearable statement.
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