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July 2nd 2009 10:22 pm

My First Gadget Love

The Nintendo 64 was the first gadget I fell in love with. I remember reading about it back when it was called the Ultra 64, and I remember pouring over screenshots of the upcoming games in amazing 3D!

So what was your first gadget love?

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My first was the Sega Saturn, but since this is in the Nintendo section, I'll keep on topic.

I too remember seeing the N64 in a magazine when it was called the Ultra 64, but I nearly wet myself when I first saw Mario 64 being played on a TV show here in the UK called Live & Kicking. Not long after my local import store had one on dispaly that I used to drool over while playing Mario 64 and Pilot Wings.


Them were the days. It's not quite the same any more :-(
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I worked on Turok Dinosaur hunter - still not a bad game.
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It was awesome - remember the mist!
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Turok was a brilliant game - still play it today.
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Here in australia I can remember nintendo having a demo truck that went around to all the shopping centres. I was so excited when it came to my area
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I bet a lot of our gadget obsessions started with video games. For me it was the gameboy.

The N64 was the first game console I bought with my own hard earned money and wasn't obligated to share it with my siblings. I still have it and it certainly gets more play time than any of my older consoles from the 32 to 64-bit era.
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