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My first MP3 player!

Also my second device, after a cassette player in September 1998 for my 9th birthday.
The Rio 600 is the most ergonomic device I've owned - it feels wonderful in my hand. The belt clip makes it really convenient to carry. It synced with SoundJam MP on my iBook G3 using USB, which was brand-new when I got it for Christmas 1999. My first one was stolen in Pisa, but I replaced it. It continued to sync with iTunes until version 7, due to drivers from SoundJam that Apple removed when Palm started using them. It had only 32MB, and held only 8 songs, so I got tired of the music quite quickly. But it was perfect for making a digital mixtape, and giving it to a girl I liked in 2006. Battery life was also good, and the AA battery standard was very convenient. I eventually replaced it with a MiniDisc player, before upgrading to the original iPod in February 2002.

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Diamond Rio PMP300.
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MP3 player? Or portable digital music player? There's a difference....

My first portable music player, ignoring years of walkman-clones (never had the real thing!) was a Minidisc player - the Aiwa AMF5. This was bought with my first year's student loan money and lasted me till the third year, constantly in use, constantly naming tracks and discs with the jogwheel. It was a great technology, so when my F5 got a bit bashed up I upgraded to a secondhand AMF65, but that was never as reliable - I guess I found out why it ended up for purchase in a Cash Converters. I backed it up with a Sony MDS-JE520 MD deck for my hifi to make MD creation a little easier, and naming tracks faster with a one-button-per-letter remote control.

Onto non-mechanical devices, I "borrowed" an ex's Creative media player - it took SmartMedia cards (I think it was SmartMedia - the credit-card-flat ones with the large contact area on one end). 32MB meant about half an hour of music, and USB1 meant about half an hour to update the thing! It didn't get much use and I pretty much forgot about portable music for a while since it wasn't really convenient. I did however get a Motorola A910 Smartphone which had an MMC card in the bottom - 128MB that could be used for music, so to some extend that took over.

From there, I changed girlfriends and "borrowed" her Creative Zen Touch - 20GB on a hard drive. I still have that, although the contacts on the back of the touch area on the front have died, so I got another with a dead hard drive and one day, for old times sake, will probably make a working one out of the two.

That was the first useful one, and perhaps the last - by this time my A910 phone had been swapped for an HTC Canary, with SD card access and therefore much cheaper storage. a 256MB card was purchased, loaded with music, and I found the joy of only needing one device in my pocket.
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My first one was a second hand Rio 500 (en.wikipedia.org­/wiki­/Rio­_500) I got from my friend sometime in 2000. I loved it, and never went back to CD or MD again (yes, I was a MiniDisc user...)

By the way, your timeline is broken, the Rio 600 came out Q2 2000, not in 98 or 99. The very first Rio 300 was released in on 9/98 and the 500 9/99.
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I don't know the make of my first MP3 player but it was 128mb and was probably a generic make bought from co-op, cost me £40 at the time and was possibly one of the worst user interfaces i've ever used. Still it was the first piece of technology I had ever bought out of my own money and therefore I will always have fond memories.
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Diamond PMP300 32GB, was my first as it was the first mp3 player that was widely available. Just enough space for one album at terrible compression but considering it was 1998 it was unheard of at the time. The fact that it was a removable card was nice as well.
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32MB not 32GB

Big Difference!
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My first was the Rio Forge, it was in 2004, i was only 6 at the time.
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My first was a Neuros, loved this one till the day it died! Had a transmitter built in with gain control and could broadcast through the house to the neighbors. Made a lot of fun on traffic jams :) still have it in the draw. Ogg support was also the main purchase point.
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I earned points through a Microsoft game/search program and spent them on this:

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That sounds like the best way to get a zune, only if there were few alternatives. In all seriousness I liked the hardware, and UI looked great but in the end they just didn't have the ecosystem, and that beautiful UI didn't work quite as well as ipods click wheel.
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My first mp3 player was a module that plugged onto the Visor Handspring. I think it was a minijam. 32 meg with an sd cardslot for more storage.
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My first was an Archos Jukebox Recorder 20:

It was HUGE.
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I can't remember the name of my first player, but this one was my second. I installed the Rockbox custom firmware on it.
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My first MP3 player was Grundig MPAXX MP100. It's a true dinosaur now. This huge device was powered by two AA batteries, featured a tiny display and stored songs on an SD card. There were actually TWO (!!) SD card slots, which at that time meant that I could travel with 64MB of music, which had to be encoded and transferred using a proprietary Grundig software.

I've skipped the portable CD players, going directly from portable cassette players to this mp3 player. Afterwards I went through a bunch of (near-cylindrical) iRiver mp3 players, whose joystick always broke after one year of use. Here in Europe that meant free replacement every year, which wasn't bad at all.

Now I just carry my Samsung Galaxy S4, with an 64GB microSD card and Google's All Access...
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I was super excited back in the day if you bought 2 new network switches from 3com you got a free Rio I had it for a week before I dropped it on the subway platform in DC
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I had the Eigerman F20V MP3 player with 32 MB. It had a SmartMedia card expansion slot to add another 32 MB. It only connected using a parallel port though, and when you had the expansion card in, it acted as 2 individual 32 MB portions of memory, so there would always be left over space on both.
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My first: 189€, 64Gb Samsung YP-E64 Yepp :) don't now in what year but maybe in 2001 www.amazon.com­/Samsung­-YP­-E64­-Yepp­-MP3­-Player­/dp­/B...
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First MP3 player was a Creative NUVO 512MB paid $189.99. That was 2004 and I bought a 4 year warranty with it, 2 years later the store went out of business and it broke. However against Apple and their DRM, and proprietary connectors and software so my second MP3 player was the Creative Zen Vision M ( which was clearly superior to the iPod Video), then for the duration of 2007 I exploited the Future Shop return policy and had a different MP3 player every month to really decide which was best. In the end I kept a gen 3 iPod Touch, yep I drank the koolaid.
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My first MP3 player was the iPod Mini 4 GB. Only Apple product I ever owned.
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The JNC SSF-882 pictured:
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I believe my first was a JNC SSF-882 that I got in Beijing around 2000

It was credit card sized and very thin, had a robust aluminium cover, 128mb storage and a connector similar to that of an iPhone 4 which connected to the serial port and as far as I remember it was not compatible with anything but the odd file transfer application it came with. Other than that a great little gadget whose proportions and functions would amaze people back then. I also ended up switching to an MD player for the superior sound quality and ability to carry more music around without slowly transfering files over com-port.
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Dell Axim x3i
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iRiver iFP-390T. 256 MB, baby! Battery life was horrible, but it would record MP3's with the tiny mic or mic input which was pretty nifty. That's back when I was using Winamp. :)
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Dell Pocket DJ 5GB. So awesome.
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32mb RCA K@AZOO, orange! it did the job back in the early 2000's got it second hand!
used a MMC card if memory serves....My how things have changed!
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iAudio CW300
512 MB of onboard memory. Because that's how I (used to) roll.

The 2003 review on CNET: www.cnet.com­/products­/cowon­-iaudio­-cw300/
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Mine was the Toshiba Gigabeat 20gig.. horrible software for syncing music but the device itself was pretty solid. Instead of the iPod's touch wheel, they had a touch "cross" with similar functionality, but not quite as polished. Fortunately it lasted at least until I had a smartphone I could load my music onto a number of years later. Also had a lot of third party firmware options, one called Rockbox helped me get a couple more years out of the aging device.

Also props to minidisc..

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Creative Rhomba 256 mb
I absolutely loved it!
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I had the Creative Zen Vision:M 30GB - bought it at the same price of an iPod mostly for its video playback battery life and ease of drag n drop from the computer via USB. Lasted me 5 years before the battery carbonated.
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The Dell DJ 20.
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20 GB, 2nd Gen iPod in 2002. It still works!
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My first MP3 player was the Sony PSP. It took me 3 months to learn how to put music on there. My first true MP3 player though was a 5th gen iPod since all my friends were getting them. Everyone got the black one, but White was too iconic for me to pass up.
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I had the Diamond Rio PMP300. I bought it at one of the last Babbage's stores that I can remember.
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The Rio 300, I remember cherishing it! It only played like 20 songs, though.

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Datasafe oomi 2 was my first mp3 player, it was one of the coolest mp3 players I'd ever had...tiny with a mirror effect screen with blue led's on it, 2gb's of storage and is probably the most unique mp3 player ive ever seen

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Mine was a Halo 3 edition 30GB Zune. Oh yeah, I totally bought into the Kool Aid. I keep it on my desk to remind me that I make dumb decisions from time to time. I loved the hardware and the device's software, but the desktop stuff was a pain to use. Also, the lack of third-party accessories was a giant bummer, too.
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You're either really young, or waited a really long time to jump in on the MP3 player scene.
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The latter. I still buy CDs, too. For reference, I'm 29 :)
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I had a Rio 500 that I got after I saw my friends Rio 300. I loved everything about the Rio, except for that crappy software.
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Hah! I had a Creative Labs Nomad II (not even the IIc)

32MB of storage, but expandable with a 64MB smartmedia card. I also remember it holding at most 8 songs without that card, and using batteries was great. I also eventually did change over to minidisc after

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You got in early! I somehow held out until the 4th-gen iPod... of course, that also meant that I could fit my entire music collection (at the time) on my device.
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Good man! I'm buying a record player myself.
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