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January 24th 2014 9:57 pm

My problem with Siri...

I've been trying to make a conscious effort to use Siri more than just setting a timer while we cook. Things like reminders, notes, and the occasional Google or Wolfram Alpha query. However, there's one issue that keeps cropping up that makes it frustrating to use (besides its horrible accuracy):


Seriously! I have some sort of eloquent thought I want to save, or maybe a list of 5 items I want to add to a shopping list. I hit the home button, wait for the double beep, and then suddenly forget how to speak.

"Siri, add carrots and uh... hmm... apples, and err uh cheese to my [crap, what list did I want to add to again?!] --"

"I'm not sure I understand, Dave."

Happens every time!

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Haha, I get that stage fright too, although I use Google Now, so it doesn't just apply to Siri.

But when you said stage fright I thought you were referring to the FAR greater problem with voice commands on mobile devices: being around other people. I feel like a complete tool when I dictate something into my phone with friends around, let alone complete strangers. It sucks because dictation is - for me, at least - the fastest way to get a thought down into my phone.
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Haha, I just had the same problem yesterday when dictating a slightly complicated reminder. Nice to know it's not just me!
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I just feel that Siri doesn't have enough quick answers in her. For instance, I asked Asked Siri about "us airways 3371" and she gave me a search page with links. If I use the google app, (speaking to it the same) I get a reply about the flight status and I it even told me how many mins it was running late. That's my most recent example but I feel like I run into these things in general.

But as far as the stage fright, it might be the beeps. I notice when dealing with radio traffic for work, people tend to speak better when they aren't confronted with the key up noise. So the PTT button on the side makes the noise but the earpiece PTT doesn't.
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New example from today, "spell Jalapeño." Her reply was, "the answer is jalapeno" (without the ñ). Same thing to google and my answer is, " jalapeño, J-A-L-A-P-E-N-O." Exactly what I was asking for.
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This happens to me all the time with Cortana. The pressure of being forced to say what I want clearly and without any long pauses makes me pause and mumble.

"text... Kristina mobile... oh! mobile (hotmail)!... oh shit. ok try again... no... cancel! text Kristina mobile(hotmail)... I'm running late for... uh... the... god damn. try again. try again. I'm running late for the bus, do you need me to pick to pick to... uh... damn it. try again. never mind. cancel"
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