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June 15th 2010 10:25 pm

My Xbox 360 (now out of warranty) recently went RROD. Normally, I would be very unhappy.

However, now I have a killer reason to pick up one of the beautiful shiny black models. WIN!

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Mine literally E74'd yesterday. I just mailed it to Microsoft, but I am in the same boat as you. Depending upon whether I get my original one back or a refurb will determine if I get a new one. I am very tempted.
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why not get the new one? the new one is better in practically every way and hopefully will get rid of the red rings once and for all (I say this every time they release updated xbox hardware!!)

*crosses fingers*
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You do realize that the new model has essentially the same featureset as the old model, right? The only difference is the Kinect port.

One of the nice things about console gaming is that it saves you the vicious (necessary) upgrade cycle seen in PC gaming
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Also: My [dead] 360 has a 20 gig drive, the new one has a 250 gig. I have the old wifi 'g' adapter, the new one has built-in 'n' wifi.
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I posted this on another discussion, but these are the biggies you gain and lose with the New Xbox 360:

gain HDMI (over first few editions)

gain SPACE (its not teeny like a PS2 Slim or Wii, but its still appreciably smaller)

gain a ton of hard drive space (250 GB vs whatever you got...)

gain wi-fi N

gain USB ports (5 vs 3)

lose........... NOISE

lose... (with any luck) ....... red rings!!!!!1

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Fair enough. Except:

My 360 already has HDMI. I win

Space is not a problem on my TV stand. I spent $400 on it to ensure that ;). I win

HDD space? I barely use that as is. I win

GigE LAN at home. Only my DROID uses Wi-Fi by default. I win.

USB ports? Aside from using my keyboard to set up some stuff, I rarely have to even touch these. I win.

Noise? OK I'll give you one there. Older 360s aren't exactly silent. You win.

RROD? My 360 outlasted my PS3. No failures since I got it in Q3 2008. I win.

Don't take the "win" thing seriously, just keeping track of the points you made. Cheers!
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yes - you win....

as for everyone else.......... :P

hard drive space on xboxes is overrated anyway.... it doesn't really affect gameplay in the slightest......
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HD space matters to me, at any rate. 20 gig doesn't go far after: downloadable content for games like Mass Effect 2, Borderlands, etc..., HD Videos, game demos, arcade games.

So, I'm looking forward to the extra storage.
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Yeah I pretty much only use my 360 to play DVDs, watch Netflix, and stream music from my PC. Actual gaming? Not much time for it. The 60GB Pro model I have is working OK for me so far. But I know I'm not representative of the majority of 360 owners, so ...
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