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May 31st 2011 5:58 pm

Need a "PadFone" for the iPhone? Looks like ECS already has you covered.

Earlier today, I posted a comment that linked to the unveiling of the ASUS PadFone. The video was pretty awkward and I think the device leaves a lot to be desired.

That said, there are undoubtably people who want a convertible phone / tablet. For those of the Apple persuasion, what do you do? Throw down $500 for the cheapest iPad 2, or spend a bit of cash to convert your iPhone 4 to a tablet?

A company named ECS is demonstrating a concept docking station that does just this.

Oh, geez.

Via: www.9to5mac.com­/69849­/ecs­-tablet­-houses­-your­-iphon...

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I think I'd shoot for the independent devices because I can't see myself docking my phone into another device that prevents me from using it as a normal phone (size and all). I definitely see the merit in doing something like that but it just seems a little clumsy to me.
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The padfone is awesome, you can still make and receive calls in all modes.
Here is the official unveiling

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Judging by all the stick-limbed here talking about the original iPad's titanic weight, I doubt they'd be able to move with something like this... :p
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