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August 3rd 2009 7:00 pm

NES Top-Loader

My submission for the NES 2 (aka top loader) product page was rejected, but I did want to point this out as a product that I always wanted and something that is rarely mentioned.

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I want one too and I want all of these to have their own pages! NES 2, Genesis 2 & 3, PStwo, SNES 2, etc... These are all unique and desirable objects and they should be acknowledged... I already wrote about this on the main gadget discussion page but they have more important things to do at the moment...
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i guess it should qualify for its own page since they have the ps2, ps2 slim, psp, pspgo, ds, ds lite, etc etc etc....i thought it was kinda cool too. way smaller than the older one.
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