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May 4th 2010 9:56 pm

Netflix has revitalized my Wii.

When I first got my Wii, I played it all the time, and I loved it. But as soon as I got an Xbox, the poor Wii was left unused. I moved it from my living room into the bedroom, where it sat for months never even being turned on. It took my wife 2 or 3 months to notice that I hadn't even plugged the Wii into anything.

Now that we have the Netflix disc, the Wii has gone from not being used to being a way to watch Netflix from the bedroom! So now my Wii has a purpose again.

Of course the much sadder issue is that I stopped playing my Wii as soon as I got an Xbox. I also stopped playing my DS as soon as I got a PSP. That happen to anybody else? It's not that they are bad consoles, on the contrary, I still think they are amazing... I just never ended up playing them much, and not for any specifically spiteful reason.

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I actually just about stopped playing console games when I built my PC. It's a more immersive experience IMHO and has just about all the games I would want to play. I also think the Steam community is better than the one on Live, more mature people.

I also have a Wii that doesn't really gets used unless friends are around. I think it's the fact that most games on the Wii are less for playing, but more for demoing to friends.
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I don't really play a whole lot of games online, and if I do it's usually with friends, so I can't speak for the Live or Steam communities. I'm talking more about just having an hour or two of free time and wanting to play a game - The Xbox always beats the Wii. As far as PC games go, I find that the consoles have a better variety of games that fit my current playing style (single player, can play for only a couple of hours at a time, and are still very fun). Back when I was addicted to World of Warcraft, Counter Strike, Diablo II, or any other game like that a few years ago, though, I wouldn't be saying that.
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Ah ok, makes sense. I actually don't have a netflix account, so netflix streaming doesn't add much for me.
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I think Netflix might be the new "killer app" for the Wii, especially for people w/ standard def TV sets. I've spoiled myself with Netflix on the Roku and PS3, but the Wii definitely holds its own.

It is sad that unless I'm playing a 20 year Virtual Console old game or Wii Sports/Resort with fellow drunkards the Wii just sits there.

I bought the DSi specifically for passing the time at the laundromat and it's done a great job of keeping my sanity while waiting for my clothes to dry.
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I have a 42-inch Plasma and use the Wii Netflix streaming on a regular basis. While it might not be HD, it certainly looks good enough for me. It's standard DVD-quality, and there really isn't anything wrong with that.
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It happened to me too - the Wii sitting there after getting other systems part.... I haven't played my DS in forever, but I still occasionally play the PSP. Getting LittleBigPlanet PSP for xmas really helped with that also. That game is just as good as the PS3 version and looks and sounds great too! You don't need to feel bad about not playing the Wii much. Nintendo doesn't release enough games for it on a monthly basis, whereas the PS3 and 360 both get major first and third party releases often. Theres just more to play and it all shines in HD...

I like the Wii Netflix implementation too, but I get it in HD on my Tivo Premiere in the living room and xbox in the bedroom and roku in the kitchen :) I'm just glad every console has a good version of it now...
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I don't have an HDTV yet so the Wii Netflix is still perfect for me.
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