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January 14th 2010 12:48 am

Netflix officially on Wii


So now the Wii much like PS3 will also have netflix using the DVD streamdisc.

No HD but should be DVD quality and with broadband should be just fine.
I am getting a Roku pretty soon anyway but I like that now all 3 systems have it.
It will probably be the least used hardware to distribute netflix media but hey it's there so it's a good thing.
In the mean time I will just be playing No more heroes 2 that new capcom fighting game and others as 2010 is looking up to be a great year for this system.

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I'm glad its on all 3 systems but I still don't know why. I have Netflix on a 360 upstairs and one downstairs. I have reason to use it on the PS3 sometimes to utilize the HDMI connection and it gives me more information (data rates) about the info being streamed than the 360 does. I know I won't use the Wii for Netflix right now as it is non-HD and on the same 1080 TV that already has my PS3, Xbox 360, and Popcorn Hour. It does give me the option to have a wireless Netflix box on one of the SD TV's around the house in case I want to do that; I don't like moving these installations a lot though. If I could find the SD Roku box for cheap I would install it at an SDTV right now, but no such luck. This will give me Netflix when I visit my Mom though as we gave her a Wii a few xmas's ago. Anyway, glad Netflix will be in more houses and with people who otherwise couldn't get it on TV. Here's to more instant watch movies and improvements for all of us!!
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I went to netflix.com­/wii and reserved the Wii disc a few weeks ago... It says on the site that we should see the discs arriving this spring... looking forward to it only to play with it... it will also give me netflix capability at my mom's house when I travel home.. good times...
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