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January 3rd 2014 6:54 am

New concept of Samsung Galaxy S5

Russian resource rozetked.ru introduced his concept of the future flagship Samsung Galaxy S5 with Reach ID and intelligent voice control. On video we can see, that S5 must have 3 RAM, AMOLED Display 5,2-inch (2560x1440) and 64 bit system.
So, what do you think about it?

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The end quote 'why purchase an S5 when you can get a 5S'? - because the iPhone is over-rated and not good value for money.
The S5 would have a thinner bezel, probably undetectable; brighter display - next generation after Super AMOLED+; next generation screen - harder, flexible - Gorilla Glass 4 or something that includes carbon nanotubes or graphene.
It would probably have 128GB of storage, 3GB RAM, 1.5GHz+, either 64- or 128-bit.
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Specs between android and apple are not direct comparisons.
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I'll also like to add that this isn't even a speculation of specs, it is a concept someone came up with.

That screen resolution at 5.2 inches is just silly. Not only do display manufacturers not make those panels, the benefit of 560ppi is negligible, and as an ex-android app developer, I laugh at anyone that would think I would put in assets that would support that screen.
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