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March 23rd 2014 2:56 pm

New Headset need advice: SS Elite VS Kave XTD 5.1

While looking for reviews on my upcoming gamer headset i found this page and the lovely reviews. Sadly the Steelseries elite wasnt reviewed as of yet or compared to the Kave XTD 5.1.

Im currently looking at these headsets and cant decide wich one to get…
I hope some of you can help me with some advice :P
I know that these headsets often get their ass handed by headsets from sennheiser and so on, but due to some good contacts i can get one of these headsets extremly cheap =) I cant comment on sound quality or anything here, i've never had a roccat product before also.
Both cards feature usb soundcard, since my current rig has a sucky soundcard this is good for me.

My Pros for the Elite - url www.amazon.com­/gp­/product­/B00FB45ZDM­/ref­=as­_li­_ss­_...
Looks awesome
Cushions are like pillows =) (ears touch the headset)
Can be conneted to the PS4 controller with the mobile adapter.
Sound/Mic controls on the heasdet itself (2 wheels on each ear)
Always liked the Sibberia V2 quality, this can only be better.

Pros XTD 5.1 - url www.amazon.com­/ROCCAT­-Digital­-Premium­-Surround­-ROC...
Sound card superior to the elite??? (Based on reviews, not sure)
Can connect cell phone <- More gimicky but nice
More control with the control unit, special settings for game/tv
Mic can be flipped up instead of pushing/pulling it out of the headset (more durable?)
Ears go into the headset thus not pressing against your ears for prolonged gaming sessions.

Thanks for the replies in advance =)

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I know they're a bit more money, but have you thought about the Astro A50s? They're the absolute best headphones I've used (gaming or otherwise) and are totally worth the extra scratch. Build quality is rock solid, they sound phenomenal and are incredibly versatile. The battery life is quite good, too.

Here's our review www.engadget.com­/2012­/07­/23­/astro­-gaming­-a50­-wirel...

And this is the one I wrote for Sound & Vision while I was freelancing there www.soundandvision.com­/content­/review­-astro­-a50­-ga...

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