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December 21st 2012 1:41 pm

New iMac is nice but the UI is very 2010 ... touch is the future

It is a nice piece of hardware but I would get more value out of a touch enabled Dell Inspiron 23 with Windows 8 and blu-ray/hd 7560 for around the same price. I am not putting the iMac down but Windows 8, new Office 2013, and Skydrive fit my needs perfectly at the moment. You can't really game on O/S X very well either.

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Are you kidding me? First of all Blu-Ray is going to die out in a few years time. Touchscreen is horrible, Macs are for productivity and not to screw around with your fingers all over the place. And if you're talking about gaming, you shouldn't even be considering a Mac. Gaming is on the rise, in fact 2012 is/has been the best year for Mac gaming (especially on Steam), You can boot Windows on a Mac with either the pre-installed Bootcamp or other software.
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good points, however I don't want finger prints all over my 27inch display, Win8 on parallels using the magic trackpad is a pretty good compromise imo.
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I agree that Apple should have put a blu-ray drive in there, especially because the displays are so beautiful. But I disagree with you on the whole touchscreen manner: using a touchscreen on a regular-style computer makes the arms tired extremely fast, and the Magic Tackpad does an amazing job as a multi-touch input for the Mac.
For me, going fora Mac is a better choice because I'm already quite deeply in Apple's ecosystem: I use iCloud's features all the time, one of my primary email accounts is the @me.com one, and I've already purchased music and films in iTunes (which has finally come to Israel recently).
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